End of year artistic challenge.

Inspired by a number of artists whom follow my good buddy Radiant Dreamer on Facebook. I’ve also decided to test myself. To assess my artistic progress if you will.

This idea, which never occurred to me previously, was inspired by a very particular post by Leong Jin Jie (found [here]) where he tested his advancement for one year by redrawing a particular drawing he made at the start of 2011.

My challenge will be slightly different however. I’m aiming to increase my skill in pixel art. So what better way than to make a huge end of year pixel art? 🙂

The theme is Christmas as that day is today (By the way, hope you all had/are having a great one!! :D). The character is none other than Radiant Dreamer’s AwesomeSauce Girl. The situation…well that’s a surprise like all gifts are ;).

My original pixel art of her I felt had some issues, but being that it was my first longer attempt at pixel art and using Graphics Gale, I figured it was good enough at the time.

As you can see, the image size is pretty small, well this time I’m increasing the difficulty by a large shot. As the size is increasing from 128×128 to a whopping 512×512 with a completely new drawing. That’s four times the size.

So until next time, hope everyone’s having/had a great Christmas day, and see you soon! All the best!! 😀

Awesomesauce thanks you kindly for the visit!~ :3
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Rumor: What was this about sauce that is awesome?

Many of you might have seen an original character that our good buddy Radiant Dreamer developed. In fact he made two drawings of this character whom he calls ‘Awesomesauce Girl’. One version that was a chibi and one that was not.

The original flavor of Awesomesauce Girl!

Awesomesauce Girl in chibi flavor!

After seeing this character design–and being that I was in the middle of making a master copy from Radiant’s works–I couldn’t help but draw some of her as well.

My portrait sketch of Awesomesauce as seen on the book of many faces!

Afterward, I just couldn’t get the design out of my head. The next bit I have to share I’m sure you’ll agree is not just 50% Awesome that’s 50% saucy, but is also 200% epic.

Some of you might recall on Radiant’s Facebook account a particular someone that mentioned turning her design into a 3d model. I can safely say that this is in no way a rumor. With Radiant’s approval, I can now proudly show you that the proof is in the teaser image below! 😀

Here’s a little teaser for you my friends, Bwehehehe! A bit of Awesomesauce in ‘3D’ flavor hehe! 8)

I guess in a way you could say that this will be a sort of collaboration artwork between myself and Radiant. This is because Radiant gives me details about certain features and design of Awesomesauce Girl that I’m uncertain on, and because I’m using his design under permission.

When complete, the character will be able to be posed, lighted and rendered in just about any angle perceivable. She is being modeled in Blender 3D a completely free modeler which I fully support. I can already imagine that Awesomesauce will become my new wallpaper in time 🙂 (Sorry Shana, as much as I do adore you I know that I won’t be able to resist).

As to how long this entire project will take I can’t exactly say. I can say that I’ve not modeled something in the style of manga but maybe once before. But I do have quite a bit of experience in 3d modeling :).

As Awesomesauce3D continues to come closer to reality there will be frequent updates on this blog. There will be some tips for those using Blender as well as well as tips for those starting out. Any large updates and teasers will be sent to Radiant’s Facebook as this is his character–I really want to stress that ;). Awesomesauce hopes you will be sure to stay up to date with him as well :3 !

Whilst I’d like to keep the originality of the whole design intact, one will have to unfortunately expect several changes in design though due to the change from 2D to 3D. Some of these changes will most likely be in the form of ‘Original’ and ‘Alternate’ forms. This is because some illusions which can be maintained in a 2D format are rather hard to do if not impossible in a 3D one.

I’m also going to open a separate page that’s dedicated to this project. That way if you want to get the absolute latest info you can simply head there. Those pages has opened at the time of this post. Quick links are in the menu above the header.

You can find the page on Awesomesauce [here] and any updates, when not in a post, will be placed here [here].

Take care, and I hope to see you around! 8)

Oh, and Awesomesauce thanks you kindly for the visit!~ :3
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