Evolving multiplayer experiences, past and present.

Ever had one of those moments where suddenly you feel very fond about times long passed? I sure do when it comes to games recently because of a friend of mine. It’s no lie when I say I was a born gamer. I’ve played for literally as long as I can remember (and that’s a long time haha).

The very first multiplayer game I ever played online was Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries. It was among my first online gaming, clan and league experiences ^^.

Rather than bore with a long winded detailing of my doings in this game I’ll make it short and concise. Within my time playing MW2:M I joined two clans, played in and won a league, and became a top notch player. I as well as my brother, ironically enough, became two of the elite online since a clan we joined won what was called the MNSL (MercNet Star League). Our clan was literally undefeated. No match did we enter that we didn’t win. And when the MNSL was over, our clan captured and held the objective.

This was my first online gaming story told rather short. I rose from, as my friend jokingly stated, “Couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn two days ago!” to an elite Ace over the course of around 9 months in this single game. How many games to date can you say kept you ‘this’ interested? 🙂

In contrast to this story, these days I prefer to play multiplayer games more co-operatively than competitively. I’d rather destroy the computer’s face with a friend haha ^^. I’ve always believed that ‘friends that slay together, stay together’ :).

When not playing with friends, I usually enjoy a good single player game that has good story line, immersion or plot–I also love retro games. This is no doubt why my favorite genre is the RPG in all its forms. A close second are strategy games. Ever tried the tactics game X-com ufo defense? How about Total Annihilation? Those games are classics :D!

Anyways, I’d best go so take care everyone!

Awesomesauce thanks you kindly for the visit!~ :3
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Over half-way through the end of night!

Being over 2000 miles (3000+ kilometers for my international friends :3 ) away from home base is quite the tiresome thing. It’s been full of its ups and downs.

I had a great deal of my plans go under during this trip. I can’t believe how many times I’ve heard ‘Dang! You sunk my battleship!’ in my head repeat over and over. The bright side is that all was not lost.

Most of them are around what I had planned to do artistically. I brought enough to keep me going for months, but have rarely used any. Only maybe 10+ of the 500 pages have I actually touched. However, you didn’t think this was going to be a depressing blog post didja ;)? I’ve decided to try and steer away from those if possible from here on out .

On the bright side, I’ve photographed well over 150 textures that I can use on digital works (Overlay/Multiply layer type FTW!!). And since I took them for textures, I need not worry over copyright :). An added bonus is that I also got a few more professional contacts. That’s always a plus in any trek 😀 !

Oh, and here’s a little cookie on the adventure! I’ve also recently found a good program for making pixel art. In my opinion, Photoshop was not made for that purpose (At least my version wasn’t hah). If that wasn’t hard enough, though, try animating one in it. Now that’s a nightmare (Imagine the flaming version of Twilight Sparkle…And yes I had to throw that out there for the bronies :P).

For those interested, the program is GraphicsGale. While quite difficult to get into and use, its features way outweigh its difficulty in my opinion. Two grids for working on pixel art, an always going preview of whatever animation you have in one window AND the ability of onion skinning. It has features for pixel art I’ve been looking for years. I wonder why I just ‘now’ found it. Maybe I wasn’t delving deep enough? 🙂

In the future, I feel that I’ll have some posts dedicated to this very application as I feel that it’s extremely useful and can be daunting to new comers.

Later I’ll report back with images that I’ve made over this trip. For now though I’ll simply leave you with my first ever sprite from Graphicsgale: Awesomesauce Girl in sprite flavor ;). If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen it already (FYI, my artworks almost ‘always’ are seen on twitter first 😉 ). I plan on making several more versions including an animated one at one point :).

You’ll see more of her in the future I’m sure :3.

Take care, and remember you’re awesome friends! Stay epic!… I’m out !

Awesomesauce thanks you kindly for the visit!~ :3
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