My adventure delving into Visual Novels (Part 3)

This is the final post of this series :).

I just recently finished the Visual Novel known as ‘Narcissu’. Narcissu is a VN that’s about many different things. One of the prime ones revolving around the terminal illness that the main characters are afflicted with and the unavoidable death that’s approaching them. The story is about their struggles with feelings alienation and the hard choice of where they die. They feel alienated entirely because of how the news changes other’s attitude (including family members) once they discover the main character’s plight.

There are a number of other issues raised as well, but I’d like not to spoil it for those who’ve not gone through Narcissu because it’s simply that good. The name ‘Narcissu’ is also symbolic (in case you were wondering) but that symbolism isn’t established until much later in the VN. Allow me to alert you that that symbolism is both extremely well written and quite depressing when you later come to understand it :).

By the way, it’s very important to have lots of water and tissues when you go through this VN ;). This should not–I repeat should not— prevent you from experiencing this visual novel however. It’s a great roller coaster on ones emotions, but it’s still a phenomenal visual novel in the end. One of the best aspects about visual novels is probably the fact that theΒ  story has the freedom to be about anything irrespective of how dark it might be.

I would recommend, however, going through the prequel ‘Narcissu 2’ as well because it rounds out one of the prime characters who’s referred only by her surname: ‘Setsumi’ (her full name is Sakura Setsumi). It also answers a number of questions that arise from the first VN.

You also learn much more about the characters because you encounter not just their actions but also through the use of stream of consciousness (or for those unaware, what one thinks about). These come in slight breaks to detail more about the specific character. Most of the time it focuses on both ‘Setsumi’ and the prime character of the prequel ‘Himeko’ and helps to explain their actions.

All in all I would most definitely recommend Narcissu and its prequel to anyone if they’d never experienced a visual novel before. This is due to the fact that it’s extremely well made and is linear in that it has only one story path. Just be ready for the sure to ensue dehydration from your own tears ;).

Out of both versions I would say that the prequel ‘Narcissu 2’ was more of an emotional ride for me. The reason is because there are many more characters introduced and the back story of ‘Himeko’.

You can get a free copy of Narcissu 2 which has both the original and the prequel [here]. The web edition is free and comes highly recommended :).

Stay hydrated!! πŸ™‚

I hope to experience more visual novels in the future that were this good!

–Until next time, take care and stay epic friends! πŸ™‚

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Hurricane Irene… It’s gone!

Not long after the last post Irene was about to hit where I’m at. I was prepared. There were no significant damages done on my side though I can’t say the same for everyone. Some fallen branches, lots of wind and rain pretty much sum up the hurricane’s blow for me. The only cleanup work for here is mostly from fallen leaves.

My power went out a few times, but quickly came back. There also was no flood damage on my part and the street looks clear too. It’s almost like there was an invisible barrier of protection.

Some individuals had more severe damage from both flooding and debris. One thing I did notice which I thought to be rather odd was that not many others from what I could see boarded up their house in preparation. Many around where I’m at were taking it easy the ‘day’ before the storm would hit. Not even doing so much as securing loose items on their lawn. Very few windows were boarded up or had any form of protection from the storm (for instance, storm shutters).

This of course could be because of several different factors, but I still found it odd. It felt a bit haphazard to my eyes.

All in all, Irene came and went with little to remember her with on my part. I, at least, have gone through worse hurricanes that’s for sure. πŸ™‚

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