Evolving multiplayer experiences, past and present.

Ever had one of those moments where suddenly you feel very fond about times long passed? I sure do when it comes to games recently because of a friend of mine. It’s no lie when I say I was a born gamer. I’ve played for literally as long as I can remember (and that’s a long time haha).

The very first multiplayer game I ever played online was Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries. It was among my first online gaming, clan and league experiences ^^.

Rather than bore with a long winded detailing of my doings in this game I’ll make it short and concise. Within my time playing MW2:M I joined two clans, played in and won a league, and became a top notch player. I as well as my brother, ironically enough, became two of the elite online since a clan we joined won what was called the MNSL (MercNet Star League). Our clan was literally undefeated. No match did we enter that we didn’t win. And when the MNSL was over, our clan captured and held the objective.

This was my first online gaming story told rather short. I rose from, as my friend jokingly stated, “Couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn two days ago!” to an elite Ace over the course of around 9 months in this single game. How many games to date can you say kept you ‘this’ interested? 🙂

In contrast to this story, these days I prefer to play multiplayer games more co-operatively than competitively. I’d rather destroy the computer’s face with a friend haha ^^. I’ve always believed that ‘friends that slay together, stay together’ :).

When not playing with friends, I usually enjoy a good single player game that has good story line, immersion or plot–I also love retro games. This is no doubt why my favorite genre is the RPG in all its forms. A close second are strategy games. Ever tried the tactics game X-com ufo defense? How about Total Annihilation? Those games are classics :D!

Anyways, I’d best go so take care everyone!

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My adventure delving into Visual Novels (Part 2)

This is in continuation of part 1. Part 1 was more about visual novels in general for those who are unfamiliar. You can find it [here] if you missed it! 🙂

So…what was the very first visual novel I ever had the pleasure to experience? It was the one called ‘Fate/Stay Night’. I had actually first watched the anime (didn’t particularly like it honestly) and learned that it had a visual novel to its name. Essentially I got interested to see what it had to offer. After spending the several days worth of time in the visual novel I learned that it was far greater than its Anime. But considering the amount of time spent on ‘one’ path alone was many upon many ‘hours’ next to a 24 episode anime, it was expected.

For those who watched the Anime like me, allow me to inform you that many of the oddities and unexplained parts (unless you missed them in the Anime like I sometimes do…Boo >,<) are greatly explained in the visual novel. The reason for them to exist in the Anime no doubt was from time constraints and limited show time.

In Fate/Stay Night there were a total of 3 separate paths that would unfold as you went through the story line. These were ‘Fate’, ‘Unlimited Blade Works’ and ‘Heaven’s Feel’. The last two would open up after you completed a ‘Fate’ run through. Out of all the paths ‘Heaven’s Feel’ line was actually about ‘twice‘ the length of ‘Fate’–the initial story line. Each path would establish even more about the main and sub characters. In the end you end up with a very concise image of each individual character. Their character development was very good.

Out of all three paths my favorite path was ‘Unlimited Blade Works’. The primary reason was because of the deluge of character development around the protagonist Shiro. Not to mention he becomes pretty bad ass at the final moments 😉 . My second favorite was the final path ‘Heaven’s Feel’. As you might have noticed before, this particular visual novel’s protagonist is a written character instead of an anonymous, faceless character to act as your avatar in their universe 🙂 .

Out of all three paths they follow along a different mind set from being generally the ‘hero’ who aims to save all to eventually one who wants to only live and fight for the sake of one person even at the cost of his own life. It’s a bit more complex than that though. You can learn more about it on Wikipedia and other such sources. And so you know, there is a lot of fighting in this VN 😉 .

Ever since Fate/Stay Night I’ve had a love for Visual Novels, although, I haven’t played that many honestly. I found their style to be rather unique and interesting way for story telling. Unfortunately due to the way they are perceived in my region they have been or once were unfortunately quite unpopular. It looks like that might be changing slowly though. I am becoming more and more hopeful that this style of story telling becomes more recognized and more used 😀 .

To date, I’ve experienced several different visual novels as well as games that had visual novel influence for its story. For instance, I’ve encountered at least one game on the website known as Kongregate that had a heavy visual novel influence. The actual game itself wasn’t that spectacular, but it had an interesting storyline, plot, and characters with the possibility for multiple endings. The flash game for those interested is called ‘RPG Shooter: Starwish‘. I decided to place a link to it for ease :).

Starwish would actually be a decent start if you’re new to the genre. Although if you’d much rather a visual novel that you can download and play off your PC I’d actually suggest another title. This title is none other than the most recent one I’ve gone through. It’s name is Narcissu.

Narcissu is a very deep and sad visual novel that I’d most definitely recommend to new comers to the genre because of how it is. Another reason is of course because the ‘web edition’ is absolutely free to download and view. But be warned, the storyline is ‘extremely’ saddening. This is because one of the primary elements to the story is that of sickness and unavoidable death. Don’t let this prevent you from trying it however–it’s absolutely exceptional! Just keep in mind that you will no doubt need to have some tissues (or lots) next to you. Part 3 will include some information about it so stay tuned :).

Part 3 should be out tomorrow sometime, so look forward to it! 😀

Until next time, take care and have an epic week!

–All the best

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