Inspirational Artwork

This section showcases artworks that have inspired me to become a better artist. It is not simply confined to one specific style as I view art as art despite if it’s a realism or anime in nature. I don’t hold the feelings that some artists do that only certain categories of art are actually ‘art’.

Radiant Dreamer — Mami and Noel Crossover

What can I say about this work? There’s simply too much to say. This work is inspirational in that it effectively demonstrates Radiant’s artistic skill as well as a part of his artistic personality. Plus it’s an interesting comparison between two gun-wielding characters from separate works. There’s much that can be said about what techniques could be learned from the video as well. The work was made as a guest artist for a Collateral Damage Studios publication.

MissCrisby — James (Rune Factory Oceans) — Pixel Art

This is one video that inspired me to take up learning to ‘push pixels’. It also demonstrates the program GraphicsGale. The artist is no doubt very skilled as demonstrated by the end result. I can only aspire to, and aim to one day, reach a similar level in skill. One thing that I’ve always become intrigued by was the harmony that the color palette pulls off.

ThePortraitArt (Xiaonan) — Portrait made from ‘SALT’!

This goes to show that art can be developed in more ways than the conventional ones. First using a black paper for a background and working up values simply by layering salt on top of it. There’s no way this epic piece could not be inspirational!!

Wacomwcl (Drawing with Wacom) — Character Illustration

Despite the fact that the music in the background appears to be the same in all their videos, it’s not about the music, but the artwork that impresses! Armed with a Wacom Cinteq (Every digital artists’ dream!) and a burning creativity the artist creates an awesome illustration within just 45 minutes! Sure to impress and inspire. Make sure to check out their other videos when you can!~

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