100% Returned. Let the productivity arise!

Hey guys! Just a quick n’ short post to say I safely got back home. This means, after a short rest, I will return to full productivity as I’ve gotten back onto my–*ahem* sometimes needs a cane to move around–main powerhouse rig :D.

What this in turn also means is that Project Awesomesauce3D will shortly be back in business! Also, though I was unable to fully complete my new year’s assessment in time I will be completing it sometime in the near future. Sometimes all good things take time :).

I am also rolling out a new 2012 facelift as well as opening a new chapter in both my blogging and internet activities. More on this in due time.

Speaking of which, I wish for a most productive and successful 2012 for everyone! I hope no one got sick over the mass festivities :).

Take care, be awesome, and all the best! 😀

Awesomesauce thanks you kindly for the visit!~ :3
Post Approved!!

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  1. Glad to hear you got back safely and looking forward to the new posts! c:


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