A journey of over 2000 miles.

I’m about to leave on a long trip that will place me away from my main rig for about 2-3 months. This trip is well over 2000 miles. I’ll be gone for the rest of the year most likely :\. I will however have access to a laptop in the meantime so it’s not all that bad :).

The bad news though is that Awesomesauce3D will be on hold until I return, as will a number of other posts I had in the works :(.

There is, however, somewhat of a good thing about this whole trip because I will be bringing with me well over 500 sheets of paper with which to draw upon (Not including my trusty Wacom tablet ). Whether I get the time or ability to do such I don’t know, but at least there’s the chance that I will. Rest assured if I do get that chance I am definitely going to draw a ton.

I also am bringing with me a scanner so that if I manage to get any drawings done I can upload and update with it.

In the end, though, you can expect that updates will become infrequent. I am a bit uncertain about what I’ll post about, so I’m open to any suggestions :).

In any event until I can post or get back, have an epic rest of the year everyone! 😀

–All the best, take care!!

Even though Awesomesauce’s project is on hold, she’s nice enough to forgive me. Oh, and she thanks you kindly for the visit!~ :3

  Post Approved!!

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  1. I look forward to seeing what sketches you’ll draw! I hope your new surroundings will inspire you! 😀

    • To be honest, the rustic setting isn’t entirely my thing (even though I was born and raised in the country). The funny thing is I prefer newer, contemporary styled stuff in comparison to older antiques. That is unless I want a narly old world texture :). The one thing that I do love about the country though was the space you had as well as the size of the houses/rooms and plots of land. I have noticed some pretty large differences though since having lived where I’ve lived for awhile.

      While down here though I’ve been collecting some textures for digital works. Some very good ones if you look hard enough.

      Probably one of the biggest pluses though is that I was able to see friends that I’ve not seen much within 2 or 3 years. Right now I’m hanging out with a buddy of mine who recently got married. What’s more is he got an adorable puppy recently haha. currently I’m typing with one hand while playing with her with her toy in a tug o’ war game :). She’s so full of energy it’s freaking amazing. It’s absolutely adorable when she hugs your hand :).

      Haven’t gotten settled to the point where I’ve been able to draw unfortunately, but soon enough I should. Just got everything set up for it in fact :D.

      Thanks for stopping by buddy!~ XD


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