Just a quick update!

Just wanted to say sorry to everyone (Gomen!!). I’ve been slightly neglecting this blog and thought I’d share really quickly some of what’s about to come.

It might have looked like I was slacking off–and to tell the truth I slightly was–but I’ve actually got a number of posts on the burner (about 5 in fact). This is a great thing since very shortly I’ll be unable to update quite as much. More on that in an upcoming post though ;).

At current, I’ve got about 3 drawings that are going to be placed onto this blog sometime shortly. This number (however) most likely will rise. I’ve been doing a number of other things so my time (even though my drive’s returned better than ever) that’ve prevented me from doing more quality drawings than I’ve been wanting to…Boo~. The good news though is that very shortly I will be in a situation where that will be (or at least ‘should’ be) in the past. This will be brought to light very shortly.

I’ve also got a small beginner’s post for that on Blender 3D for those interested. Keep in mind it is ‘very’ basic though. But the information I think will provide a great deal of use. Let’s just say compared to a lot of other modelers Blender isn’t the most simple until you get the hang of it. At least not until you understand how to get around in it.

I also have an up and coming post on the prize of the Collateral Damage Studios and Radiant Dreamer comic contest. More on this little gem as well coming soon ;).

I’m also going to post on my recent journeys in Visual Novels from one that Radiant had suggested: Narcissu and its prequel. It’s also a post about more than just Narcissu, however, so stay tuned :).

I might have forgotten a few things here or there, but lets just say that those will be a little mysterious surprise for you ;). Also I’m interested on whatever you, my readers, would like to see in future posts. You can leave your suggestions or ideas in the comment section below :).

Take care, and have an epic week!
–All the best

  Post approved!

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