A beast within has awoken.

After gauging where my free time was going I was able to determine that much of my time was being placed on social media. This isn’t entirely a bad thing, but it isn’t a good thing either. Staying in contact via 4-5 media sites at once was eating up my time bit by bit. I also noted that I sometimes would become lost in the related material.

Due to this discovery I was allowed to readjust my time to allow for much more art to be made and let me say, it’s already making a difference. 🙂

An artistic beast in me that was dormant for quite some time has re-awoken. I once used to spend hours and hours of my time delving deeper into art every single day. My technique and knowledge wasn’t at the level it is these days since they were still in infancy (and in many ways still are) but I used to be fueled by the arts.

It’s been–as sad as it is to say it–years since I’ve felt as filled with this much desire to draw. I’m reveling in it all. The tides are beginning to change and I can surely feel it!! 8)

It’s time for me to awaken and unleash my true potential 🙂 .

That’s pretty much what’s been going on recently for me :).

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  1. Sounds awesome! Congrats on this sudden burst of inspiration haha
    Does that mean we’ll be seeing arts soon?

    • In some time both the fan art page and traditional arts page will start to become populated ;).

      In short, yep!


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