CDS and Radiant Dreamer’s Comic Contest (Part 2)

First and foremost, I’d like to give credit where it’s due. The comic’s graphics are credited to the highly skilled and talented team of Collateral Damage Studios. I simply added in the dialog.

Hey guys! 🙂

This time rather than focusing on the contest itself, I want to focus on alternative versions of the same comic. One of the greatest lessons I learned from this last contest was that ‘it’s far better to make it tailored for a generic audience than a specific audience’. What I mean to say is that a piece that ‘anyone and everyone’ can enjoy regardless what sort of knowledge or experience they have might be better. It’s an added plus if people can relate to it as well.

My original contest piece was a bit too specific in this regard. Only a very finite number of individuals would enjoy the work because it required some knowledge before viewing.

Oh, and FYI, this post has 4 times as many pictures! 😀

– Click the image to view at full scale –

During promotion of the contest entry I got some feedback. One of the first walls my friends met were the names of the characters. They were unable to understand if it was their names or not–even that they were names. This was because It was geared towards an audience who was familiar with Japanese names. If I removed the names of the characters this would help make it more generic, but at the expense of one of the jokes (Kyube’s reference and part in the comic).

The second wall they noted was with that of some of the language used. Some were confounded when Yui said ‘form a contract’ and told me it made no sense until I explained it. Just to note, almost all my friends are unfamiliar with Anime or Manga. They are aware of the art style, but not of any particular series. Yet again, this was simply something else that could be adjusted. 🙂

You might think that this means I should scrap the entire comic and come up with something completely different, but that’s not really the case 😉 . I could actually take the same idea, but shift the situation so that more could relate to it. Whilst also keeping in mind the first two pointers and removing both the name and language barriers at the same time.

– Click the image to view at full scale –

This version makes it so that more people can identify with the subject that’s brought up. Since there are no names or language it makes it easier to understand without knowledge beforehand. The situation is also more or less the same just told differently. 🙂

There are other takes of this comic too that I could have made. For instance, here’s a different take that relies on others knowing only about particular internet memes. The situation is different though.

– Click the image to view at full scale –

Don’t know the meme? Search for ‘Balls are inert’ and ‘over 9000’  on Youtube. Prepare for the stupidity to commence.

Here’s another take, but this one uses different Internet memes.

– Click the image to view at full scale –

Don’t know the meme? Google ‘O Rly’ and ‘U Mad’.

As should be clearly noticeable there is no mention of ‘K-on!’ characters at all. Not even their personalities are exactly the same. I know the last one has reference to them being musicians, but note Azusa’s guitar gig bag in the top left corner.

This is exactly what I meant by being ‘less catered to a specific audience’ and ‘easier to understand for everyone’ 🙂 . Even in the Dragon Ball version of the comic I’d imaging you’d be able to have a laugh even if you knew nothing of Dragon Ball Z or the memes used since it’s so ridiculous :).

I hope this post has been a help to others in similar situations no matter if it’s right now or in the future 😀 . I know that based on what I’ve learned from this contest that I will continue to grow and improve.

– Extra bit of the post on promotion –

The very last thing I’d like to point out, without having mentioned it earlier, is the importance of promotion. If you enter a contest that’s based on user participation it’s important to promote if you really want the prize. By this I mean to utilize social media. Simply asking a friend to help out in need can make all the difference in the outcome.

When I promoted my entry I used Facebook to get the word out. I also used a slightly older technology known as a phone hehe 😛 . Using these means I won the contest because good friends will support you if you ask them to. I otherwise probably would have been around 10th place. 🙂

The next post will be coming out this Saturday at around Noon Eastern Time. I hope you look forward to it!

Also, next time I will be unveiling something I think that others will agree is surely Aw….oops.. got to go!

I hope you had a bit of a laugh in this one! Take care! 😀

Awesomesauce thanks you kindly for the visit!~ :3 — Wait… What was that?!

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  1. The Kyube one is the best still, but I like the job interview one as well. 😀

    • Personally I prefer the Kyube one the most as well ;). In my opinion I felt it was the most clever out of all the renditions I made. Upon looking at the last two renditions in this post I notice that they’re not as funny to myself as they were at conception hehe. They’re useful in providing a point though :). I just recently saw Collateral Damage Studio’s original version and noticed similar things. There was none of the language and no character names :). Even being taken out of context it’s still funny 8) .

      The only problem with the version involving Kyube was like I mentioned once: that you’d have to know who Kyube was and his personality before you could get the punch line :). I didn’t really foresee that so much until I involved my friends in the contest haha :D.

      I guess it was kinda like what one of my instructors in college always put it. He always sarcastically said, “oh! Looks like you accidentally learned something today!” That still makes me crack up every time I think about it haha. Good times :).

      That issue is entirely negated if your audience knows Kyube and can understand the comic of course ;).


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