Hurricane Irene… It’s here!

So folks, I live in an area that will be affected by the latest hurricane: Irene. There’s good news though in that I live in an area that’s not in the flood plain nor am I on beachfront property. Plus there was more than enough warning to board up the house and collect the necessary supplies to wait it out. Being that I’ve gone through around at least two other hurricanes in my lifetime (one of which knocked out the power for a day or so–the longest time) I should be able to weather through this one much the same.

Two of the hurricanes I’ve gone through are Claudette and Ike. I was also near the possible area that could have been affected by Katrina too. I recall that I received a ton of rain but I lucked out of the massive destruction that was caused by that hurricane.

We’ll see how it turns out. Above all else, I should be prepared for it. 🙂

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